Variable ND3-1000

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Kase Variable ND3-1000 (1,5-10stop)
. Kase Variable ND3-1000
. Glass Material: B270 Oftics Glass – Nittro Polarizing Film
. Frame Material: 6063 Aluminium Alloy
. Size: 77mm/82mm

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Kase Variable ND3-1000 (1,5-10stop)
. Kase variable ND3-1000
. Hight clarity
. Scratch resisance
. Waterproof
. Very low color deviation
. Product name: Variable ND Filter
. Feature: ND3-1000 Stepless variable light reduction

. Glass material: B270 oftics glass – nittro Polarizing Film
. Frame material: 6063 aluminium alloy
. Size: 77mm/82mm

One Filters With Multi Gears
Kase ND3-1000 Variable ND Filters
High-Defintion imaging
Waterproof / Antifouling / Scratch resistant
Details Of Kase Variable ND3-1000 Filters
Aluminun Alloy 6063
Low Color Cast